Psi Buckings - VSR/GBB [Psionic Upgrades]
  • Psi Buckings - VSR/GBB [Psionic Upgrades]

Psi Buckings - VSR/GBB [Psionic Upgrades]

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2 - Psi-Buckings Flat 60º (1 - Short, 1 - Long)

1 - Instructions Manual

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There PSI ONIC- UPGRADES proposes a BUCKING, completely made and designed in Italy FLAT

In fact, there is no classic internal hump that protrudes inside the INNER BARREL  to give the BACKSPIN to the BB.

The PSI - BUCKING FLAT is designed and calibrated, thanks to its hardness and thickness, to work in symbiosis with the PSI - PATCH and in general with any system R-HOP and to center the BB, before it is pushed towards the PSI -PACTH.

In fact it is equipped with a small inner ring (narrowing) that allows the correct centering of the BB when it is confiscated inside the HOP-UP CHAMBER .

Fundamental when using a system R-HOP is that the BB is perfectly centered before it can receive rotation from PATCH.

In this sense it is also possible to use others BUCKING on the market, however, the risk is a drop in overall performance due to the lack of a self-centering system on the lip of the BUCKING

The dimensions and shapes of the parts of which it is made up PSI - BUCKING FLAT, in addition to the innovative material, they are designed to guarantee perfect air tightness. 

The sealing lip is in fact designed to obtain total compatibility with the NOZZLE (nozzles) on the market without air leaks and chronograph power variations.

The non-silicone material from which it is made PSI - BUCKING FLAT guarantees excellent elasticity and great resistance to wear.

It can be used in all climatic conditions.

Each package comes with two types of PSI - BUCKING FLAT VSR / G BB:

- One, made with a soft and very elastic 60 ShoreA compound and with a slightly longer lip, specific for systems VSR .

- One, made with a soft and very elastic 60 ShoreA compound and with a slightly shorter lip, specific for systems G BB.

Use the BUCKING  suitable for your platform ( VSR / G BB) and configuration of INNER is HOP-UP CHAMBER , paying attention to the propulsion system used: gas, co2, hpa, SPRING POWERED. 

You may need to use some Teflon tape to shim the BUCKING before inserting it into the HOP-UP CHAMBER .

Shim only if there are inconsistencies in the shot due to the excessive presence of empty space between the BUCKING and the HOP-UP CHAMBER .

For platforms VSR and G BB it is necessary that the INNER BARREL is completely free from play and vibrations inside the OUTER BARREL

In this sense, use Teflon tape (or spacers in the case of systems VSR ) to completely lock the INNER BARREL and eliminate any possibility of movement. 

This condition is fundamental in G systems BB ( RIFLE& PISTOL l) so that there are no inconsistencies in the shot and in the correct HOP-UP of the BB

There PSI ONIC- UPGRADES recommend using your own PSI - BUCKING FLAT exclusively in combination with an R-Hop patch and not as Flat bucking in direct contact with the BBs. 

Clean the PSI - BUCKING FLAT during routine maintenance by removing dirt residues with a cloth.

Don't bring it PSI - BUCKING FLAT in contact with oils, solvents, aggressive sprays and lubricants ( WD-40, VASELLINA etc.),

If necessary, use only silicone / Teflon grease / oil.

To keep its performance unaltered and at its best, use utmost attention and caution in assembly and extraction.

The PSI - BUCKING FLAT it can have an amber or black color depending on availability.

Like all products of PSI ONIC, lo  PSI - BUCKING FLAT it is handmade and scrupulously checked before being placed on the market.

Owns the brand " CE"to guarantee its safe use and disposal in accordance with the law.


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