Psi Patch - Lonex 6.03mm [Psionic Upgrades]
  • Psi Patch - Lonex 6.03mm [Psionic Upgrades]

Psi Patch - Lonex 6.03mm [Psionic Upgrades]

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Compatible with Lonex 6.03mm Inner Barrel's (AEG)


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A R-HOP it's a small one PATCH which occupies the entire space of the window of the INNER BARREL of the ASG from softair.

It protrudes slightly inside the INNER to apply friction to the passage of the BB at that point, generating BACKSPIN.

It differs from a normal system of BUCKING with classic hump because it corresponds entirely to the profile of the window of the INNER BARREL on which it is installed and allows to exploit a greater and uniform surface in contact with the BB

The biggest drawbacks of the various systems R-HOP on the market are the difficult installation process, the availability of all the necessary components and the lack of a coordinated network of local technicians able to meet all installation and maintenance needs.

It takes a lot of work to create and adapt one perfectly PATCH to its headquarters without making mistakes. 

The typology and variety of PATCH currently available is bound to the window type of the INNER BARREL, making the choice limited to a few and expensive brands of INNER BARREL.  

There PATCH in fact it must be cut in length, height and perfectly smoothed (both outside and inside) so that it corresponds almost exactly to the internal and external diameters of the INNER internal.

The choice of material for the PATCH is another critical point: too soft degrades quickly, too hard does not offer the right BACKSPIN ai BB.


There PSI ONIC- UPGRADES proposes one PATCH, made and designed in Italy, which increases the performance of the replica in terms of range and stability of the trajectory in any climatic and humidity conditions.

The catalog of PSI - PATCH available is large and consists of most types of INNER  on the market, divided by price range and platform: ASG, VSR , G BB.  

The particular medium / soft silicone material with which it is made, unique in its kind, makes the PSI - PATCH highly resistant to wear due to the sudden passage of the BB and gives it a friction index that adapts to the different powers delivered and different weights of BBs on the market, increasing its versatility compared to the main competitors on the market.

 There PSI - PATCH it is sold already perfectly shaped on the internal and external diameter of the INNER BARREL to which it is intended, viewable in the catalog.

Its total dimensional accuracy means that no further modifications or adjustments are necessary for correct assembly and operation of the PSI - PATCH

In fact, just glue the PSI - PATCH in its seat, as shown in the Video Installation, and that's it!

Another peculiar feature of the PSI - PATCH compared to its competitors on the market it is its own and only method of production. 

In fact, unlike the more widely used INJECTION MOLDING, which involves the use of a mold in series in which liquid silicone is forcibly injected which then cooling takes the desired shape, involves the use of a particular elastomeric formula vulcanized through a refined manual process. 

In this way it is possible to check and verify compliance with the quality standards of each individual PATCH produced before it is put on the market.  

In fact, just any one is not enough PATCH have the form of a R-HOP in order for it to function correctly, in-depth chemical knowledge of the compound used and of all the factors involved in the production process (presence of heat, molecular changes, friction indexes, moisture absorption, etc.) are required.


The hardness of the PSI - PATCH is about 60/65 ShoreA and its extremely versatile material, resistant to low temperatures, guarantees constant performances both at powers close to JOULE both at powers that exceed 2 JOULE

There PSI - PATCH it can be used both on replicas with standard firing rate together with pressers PSI ONIC, both on replicas with high firing rates having the foresight to use a medium hardness presser (standard cylindrical).   

It is not recommended to use rigid pressers, be they concave or FLAT


The increase in performance in terms of range and accuracy is exponential to the power and weight of the BB used. (See Table JOULE/ Weight available in the Guides section) 

The minimum weight to use to exploit the benefits of R-HOPis 0.28gr / 0.30gr. In fact, less pressure is needed on the HOP-UP to activate the rotation of the BB. This rotation is kept longer than a traditional system and allows the energy accumulated during the projection to be constantly dissipated. 

This results in a longer and more stable range, an extremely repeatable shot and greater impact energy over long distances. 


To ensure the integrity and performance of the PATCH it is necessary to clean the INNER BARREL from the residues of BBs after each use using the cleaning rod INNER and a strip of paper soaked in "isopropyl alcohol" or alternatively plain water. AVIO solvent can also be used in small quantities. 


Do not use aggressive sprays, solvents and lubricants such as SVITOL, VASELLINA, WD-40etc. in contact with the PATCH.

Furthermore, you must not leave the HOP-UP  during periods of non-use to avoid any deformation due to constant pressure on the PATCH

There PSI - PATCH it can be yellow or black based on availability.

Like all products of PSI ONIC, the PSI - PATCH it is made by hand and scrupulously checked before being placed on the market.

Owns the brand " CE"to guarantee its safe use and disposal in accordance with the law.


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