Psi Kit - Madbull Ver.2 Black Python 6.03mm [Psionic Upgrades]
  • Psi Kit - Madbull Ver.2 Black Python 6.03mm [Psionic Upgrades]

Psi Kit - Madbull Ver.2 Black Python 6.03mm [Psionic Upgrades]

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Kit compatible with Madbull Ver.2 Black Python 6.03mm Inner Barrel's

Kit Includes:

1 - Psi-Patch

2 - Psi-Bucking Flat

1 - Complete Kit Psi-Nubs

1 - Instructions Manual

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Compatible with the whole series MADBULL V2 BLACK PITHON 6.03mm Inner diameter for ASG of all sizes available in the company's catalog.

The PSI - KIT guarantees a considerable increase in the overall performance of "airsoft replica" in terms of accuracy and useful range.

Approximately 60/65 meters and more of straight shot are reached with "BB from 0.28gr up" and 0.99J power, if installed correctly.

The KIT it is easy to install and does not make invasive changes to the replica.

Allows the use of "BB heavy" with powers close to JOULE without any loss of useful range, to the advantage of precision.

We recommend using only 0.28g weights BB up even at low powers to maximize the performance of the KIT is BB of proven quality such as those supplied by us named PSI - BULLETS.

The PSI - KIT is composed by:

- One " PSI - PATCH"compatible with INNER BARREL available in the catalog PSIONIC (see Compatibility Table available in the Guides section).

- Two "PSI - BUCKING" for ASG completely FLAT, without internal hump. One PSI - BUCKING FLAT of the hardness of 60 Shore A one PSI - BUCKING FLAT with a hardness of 70 Shore A.

- Two "PSI - NUBS", new generation concave elastic pressers compatible with the various possible seats of the adjustment levers HOP-UP .

To ensure the integrity and performance of the PSI - PATCH it is necessary to clean the  INNER   BARREL from the residues of  BBs after each use.

Do not use aggressive sprays, solvents and lubricants such as  SVITOL,  VASELLINA,  WD-40 etc. in contact with the PATCH and the KIT R-HOP .

The duration of the PATCH it is variable but can be estimated in a range between 60,000 and 100,000 BBs fired.

The duration is shorter if the PATCH it is in poor maintenance, misuse, high power, pushed ROF etc.

The duration is longer if the PATCH it is kept in optimal conditions and can be extended with correct use of the product and routine maintenance.

The assembly of the "PSI - KIT "can be carried out by installers authorized by  PSIONIC.

Like all products PSI ONIC, lo PSI - KIT owns the brand " CE" to guarantee its safe use and disposal in accordance with the law.


Exchange / Return:

Psionic-Upgrades - Return / exchange of the product will only be accepted if it has not been handled / damaged.