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Tracer MTU Fire Silencer [Specna Arms]

54,90 €

MTU-Fire ™ is a new version of the compact Specna Arms silencer, which not only allows you to illuminate tracer BBs, but also has an function of imitation of the muzzle flash from the replica"s barrel with each shot, thanks to high-power LED diodes.

The silencer has an 11mm CW thread (for pistol replicas), but thanks to the included 14mm CCW adapter, it can be successfully mounted on replicas of longer carbines or submachine guns.

Silencer features:

- tracer BBs illumination
- imitation of muzzle flash
- high power UV LED diodes
- full auto rated up to 35 RPS
- built-in lithium battery with battery level indicator
- using micro-USB port for recharging
- Quick Charge - 5 minutes of charging allow to shot 1000 rounds
- battery protection - automatically turn off when idle for 40 minutes
- suitable for green tracer BBs only

The set includes:

- silencer
- 14mm CCW adapter
- micro-USB cable
- manual