X3200 MK3 Shooting Chrony [Xcortech]

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Designed for measuring the performance data of your weapon, the X3200 Chrony can be used for calibers from 4.5 mm to 18 mm. To do this, you can make the appropriate settings directly on the device via the LCD display and adjust the Chrony to all common ball weights. The user-friendly interface and the simple handling make using the device easy so that the 14 built-in sensors can record reliable information on joule values, FPS values or meter / second values.
The X3200 can be operated using two AA batteries or an external 5V power supply.

- Shot per minute / second (rate of fire) - 100 - 9999 rounds / minute or shot / second
- Energy in joules, FPS and meters / second
- Power from: 0.01 - 999 joules
- Performance from: 10 - 400 m / s
- Performance from: 10 - 400 FPS

- Setting the ball weight from 0.10g - 9.99g (in 0.01g steps)
- Storage spaces for weights and ball diameters
- Thread for tripod mount
- Backlight of the display adjustable (20 seconds / permanently on / always off)
- Automatic switch-off adjustable (10/20/30/60 minutes)

- Material: 100% Polymer
- Dimensions: 114 x 98 x 56 mm (LxWxH)

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